Wireless Charger

Wireless Charger from different best brands, which suits you perfectly to charge your mobile, and making you with Fruitful experience.

In today life, we all are habitual of Mobile phones and it needs charging regularly.

Sometimes we have to carry mobile and Charger with wire while travelling.

Charging without wire is on demand this days, which will save your space and provide you more convenience.

Wireless Charger Review from Best 5 Brands

1. Belkin Boost Up Qi (F7U070btBLK)

Belking Wireless Charger
  • It can be used as a Normal Mobile Stand
  • It is Compatible with almost all devices with Qi Technology
  • No need to remove your mobile case, as it can charge up to 3mm plastic case cover
  • It has LED Light indication, which notify, once charging finished
  • When some foreign object comes in between Mobile and Charger body, LED blinks
  • Up to 5W Power will enable you to charge mobile throughout the day or night

2. Anker PowerPort Wireless 5 Stand AK-A2523011

  • It Can Charge your phone 10 times faster due to its Advanced Chip set, hence you can save on your total charging time too
  • You can place your phone horizontally / vertically, while charging, and it will facilitate you with different viewing angle of your mobile screen
  • To eliminate Radiation and Heating Risk, this Charger is provided in built systems
  • LED indicator will notify you, once the charging is finished
  • Compatible to all Mobiles, which supports wireless technology

3. Syska Pulse Port Wireless Charger WLC101

Syska Wireless Charger
  • Supports fast wireless charging means save on your time
  • Over Voltage Protection keep your phone safe from any hazard
  • In Built Over Heating System Protection
  • Automatically Shut the current off, once charging is completed
  • Compatible to all most smartphones

4. Philips DLP9115 Wireless Charging Pad

  • Stylish and portable Design
  • Soft charging Pad will prevent scratches on your Mobile phone body
  • It will deliver more than 75 percentage charging efficiency on stable surface
  • Compatible with all Qi enabled smart phones
  • Charging Capacity – Up to 10W

5. UltraProlink VYLIS 10 UM0077 Fast Wireless Charging pad

Ultra pro Wireless Charger
  • Compatible to all Qi Enabled phones
  • LED Notification for Charging Completion as well for any abnormality during charging
  • You can fit it in any pocket as very small in size and light in weight
  • Metal finish look make its attractive
  • Thermal Protection sensors prevent overheating
  • It will charge your mobile 2 times more compare to other ordinary chargers

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