Best Refrigerator

Best Refrigerator from Different Brands which will suits to your budget and requirement as per their functions and features.

we will review here the best branded Fridge and suggest you the best to buy which suits to your budget.

Below are some best ones which you need to look at before purchasing any New Fridge.

1. LG 308 L 3 Star Inverter Linear Frost-Free Double Door Refrigerator (GL-T322RES3)

LG is one of leading manufacturers in Home appliances since decades, and its also known for after service and durability of products

The below fridge will be make your home kitchen shine with its Presence and Smart Look


It has 308L Capacity which will be the best for the family with 3-4 Members / Bachelors

LG LG 308 L 3 Star Refrigerator

99.9999 % Fresh Air

LG LG 308 L 3 Star Refrigerator4

The Intelligent Filter will remove the Bacteria as well as bad odour from the AIR which will preserve your food for longer time with hygiene.

Uniform & Door Cooling anytime

Uniform Cooling

LG LG 308 L 3 Star Refrigerator5

Invertor Linear Compressor functions within a range of ±0.5°C which is almost half the temperature variation to the conventional compressor.

It will also reduce the Noise by 25%

Door Cooling

LG LG 308 L 3 Star Refrigerator1

This Fridge has vents in its doors too, which will pass the fresh Cold air from Doors and your food or products will be always healthy and LIVE.

This System makes inside temperature more even and cools the fridge 35% more than conventional cooling system. This will reduce the temperature gap between inner part and the door side of the compartment, hence your food will be fresh for long.

Smart Diagnosis

LG LG 308 L 3 Star Refrigerator2

Smart Diagnosis is very easy and simple way while troubleshooting. Just call the customer care, keep the phone camera facing at the top of the unit and it will automatically connect to the Solution centre.

By this function you can save time and energy as it will solve the issues through software

Auto Smart Connect

LG LG 308 L 3 Star Refrigerator3

This Technology will help your refrigerator to connect with your home invertor. Once its connected to the Home invertor, it will connect automatically with the invertor when power cut off every time and automatically. This will not allow your fridge to be switched off in Power Cut Situation, means no worry about Power Cut issues.

LED Lighting with Moist “N” Fresh

LED Lighting

LG LG 308 L 3 Star Refrigerator6

It will ease you to view things while opening the door and it has more life Span as well as lighting intensity compare to normal lighting


LG LG 308 L 3 Star Refrigerator7

This is Separate box designed specifically for Fruits & Vegetables, to keep them away from other foods and products ultimately to keep different fragrances away.

With this Facility, your fruits & Vegetables will kept fresh for a longer time.

Toughened Glass Shelves

LG LG 308 L 3 Star Refrigerator8

All Shelves are made with High Tempered Toughened Glass, enable you to store heavy items in your fridge and it will also gives a decent look to inside interior of the fridge.

2L Bottle Storage with Double Twist Ice Tray

LG LG 308 L 3 Star Refrigerator9

With its 2L Bottle Storage you can Store your big bottles without any worry

LG LG 308 L 3 Star Refrigerator10

Due to Twistable Ice Tray you can pull out ice very easily. It is designed so perfectly than you need to just keep your pot under ice tray and twist the button to any side, the Ice will collected in your pot.

Other Specification

Star Rating3 Star
Installation TypeFreestanding
Defrost SystemFrost Free
Shelf TypeGlass
MaterialStainless Steel

2. Samsung 275L 3 Star Inverter Frost Free Double Door Refrigerator (RT30T3743S9/HL)

Samsung is one of the trusted and leading brand in Home Appliances since long time, here is the Fridge with its advance features and functions, which will satisfy you on your daily routine use.

Below are some features and functions which will attract you to make it available in your home

275L Capacity

This Capacity will best suit to the family having 2-3 Members / Bachelors

Samsung 275L 3 Star Refrigerator

Convertible Freezer

Samsung 275L 3 Star Refrigerator1

With this Option, you Can Convert the Freezer in to Normal Freeze and Can Use the Freezer when in Winter time where you no have no need to have Ice like in Summer Season.

You can create more Storage in to your fridge and enjoy as per your convenience.

All around Cooling

Samsung 275L 3 Star Refrigerator2

It has different kind of vents which placed strategically so COLD Air, reaches to each and every corner.

It Checks the inside temperature constantly and circulate the Cold air to each corners and shelf of compartments, which will keep your each and every food or product fresh and LIVE.

Movable Ice Maker + Easy Slide Shelf

Samsung 275L 3 Star Refrigerator3

It has Movable Ice Maker which can be easily dismounted from the freezer.

With this options you can pull out ice cubes very easily and it is flexible, so you can pull it out from fridge when you need to convert the freezer compartment in to fridge.

This Option will provide you more flexibility when Ice cubes are more rigid and tough to take out from Ice tray in summer season.

Samsung 275L 3 Star Refrigerator4

Its all shelf are removable easily with just pull actions, enable you make single compartment from different jointed ones.

This will also help you in cleaning purpose

Big Bottle Guard + Toughened Glass Shelves + LED Light

Big Bottle Guard

Samsung 275L 3 Star Refrigerator5

It has In Built Bottle Guard, which will prevent the bottles to fall down.

Samsung 275L 3 Star Refrigerator6

Toughened Glass Shelves

It has Toughened Glass Shelves, which will allow you to Store your foods along with Pot.

Moreover, you can remove it for cleaning purpose and can be washed with water too.

LED Light

Samsung 275L 3 Star Refrigerator7

While Opening door, LED light will turn ON

While Closing the door, the light will turn off Automatically

Moist Fresh Zone + Recess Handle

Samsung 275L 3 Star Best Refrigerator

The MoistFresh Zone is a smartly designed drawer that creates the ideal environment for storing perishable food. This Refrigerator has separate cabin for Fruits and Vegetables

It is facilitated with constant cold AIR, which will keep your fruits and vegetable always fresh.

Samsung 275L 3 Star Best Refrigerator

Its Recess Handle Design gives an authentic look and also it will make ease for you to Open the door without any hurt to your skin.


Samsung 275L 3 Star Refrigerator10

It has Deodorizer filled in side of its door wall, which keep you food and vegetables fresh and away from any bad odour.

It can be re-filled when required, but will help to mix the internal fragrances.

Inverter Technology with Stabilizer Free Operation

In India, there are many cities which faces Power Cut issues, and at that time the foods and meals inside the fridge are suspect to get spoil.

But with this fridge, you not need to worry about it, as with its Smart Connect Invertor this fridge runs during power cut situation too.

Its operation is Sound less and you not need any extra stabilizer as its compressor gets adjustable speeds as per the Cooling load.

Other Specification

Star Rating3 Star
Installation TypeFree Standing
Defrost SystemFrost Free
Shelf TypeGlass

3. Whirlpool 190 L 3 Star Direct-Cool Single Door Refrigerator (WDE 205 CLS 3S)

Whirlpool is very famous name in Home appliances technology now a days for their Varieties and Extra Features.

Below is one of the best Refrigerator, which will surely attract you to look at and have it in your home too.


190L Capacity will best suitable for the small family, who has limited things to preserve in small cabinet

Whirlpool Single door Refrigerator

Auto Connect to Home Invertor

Whirlpool Single door Refrigerator1

In Case of Power Cut, the Refrigerator will connect to the Home Invertor Automatically and run up to 9 Hours, hence you not need to worry about the Power Cut issues, specially when you are away from your home and with No control over it.

Stabilizer Free Operation

Whirlpool Single door Refrigerator2

It does not required any Stabilizer, means it can be operated without any Stabilizer with its modern technology which will balance the Voltage fluctuation automatically.

Easy Manual Defrosting

Whirlpool Single door Refrigerator3

It has easy Manual Defrosting Option, which will Increase an efficiency as well as life of fridge with on time regular operation of defrosting

Anti Bacterial Gasket

Whirlpool Single door Refrigerator4

It has Very high quality gasket to seal between door and Cabinet. It will serve as a Vacuum Sealing as well as prevent bacteria & other insects entering in to fridge

Quick Chill Zone & Honey Comb Lock

Quick Chill Zone

Whirlpool Single door Refrigerator5

Chiller is provided at the top side of the cabinet, which will serve as an Ice maker as well as storage too. It Can store Can and Milk Packets easily with its Vacant space provided.

Honey Comb Lock

Whirlpool Single door Refrigerator5

It has facilitated with Honey comb Lock which will serve as a collector of Moisture and release it when ever required, which will keep your fruits and vegetables fresh for longer time

Bottle Storage with Vegetable Crisper

Bottle Storage

Whirlpool Single door Refrigerator5

This Refrigerator has Large Bottle Storage which can accommodate 2 to 3 litres bottles easily. This Storage are placed in side of Door Racks making you ease to load and unload just with opening the door

Vegetable Crisper

Whirlpool Single door Refrigerator5

It has very large vegetable and Fruit Storage which will serve you as a longer run preservation and ensure you will never run out of stock as it can store plenty of items in it

Other Specification

Whirlpool Single door Refrigerator9
Star Rating3 Star
Installation TypeFree Standing
Defrost SystemDirect Cool
Shelf TypeWire

4. Godrej 181 L 2 Star Direct-Cool Single Door Refrigerator (RD AXIS 196B 23 TRF HX WN)

When you speak abut any Indian Brand for Home Appliances and other Systems, Godrej is a very OLD company serving Consumers with Different kind of Home Appliances since long time.

Below is another good affordable Refrigerator from Godrej, which is an example of perfect package for small family.


181L Capacity is best suited for small size family

Low Starting Voltage

Godrej 3 Star Refrigerator1

It Can be operated even at low starting voltage of 140V too, enabling you to operate it Power fluctuation conditions too

Recess Handle

Its Recess Handle gives it an elegant look, it is also provide a long life of the product as its in build in door compartment.

Due to such Handle design fridge looks sleek and stylish.

Toughened Glass Shelves

Godrej 3 Star Refrigerator3

This Product comes with Toughened Glass Shelves which can withstand heavy load, making you ease in loading and unloading heavy food along with Pot.

Due to Glass design the interior is also gives a good and shining look.

Bottle Space

Godrej 3 Star Refrigerator4

It has separate space in side wall of door cabinet for bottles, and it can accommodate up to 2.25L bottles easily. With this facility you can store big water and cola bottles in side the fridge

Large Vegetable & Chiller Tray

Vegetable Tray

Godrej 3 Star Best Refrigerator5

In this Series of Capacity, this fridge has the largest vegetable tray which will enable you to store and preserve plenty of vegetables at a time and you not need to visit shops frequently to purchase them in pieces.

Godrej 3 Star best Refrigerator6

Like Vegetable try, it comes with the largest chiller tray, and you can enjoy quantity of ice in summer season where you might need to serve visitors too

Easy Gasket Removal

Godrej 3 Star Best Refrigerator7

Gaskets has been provided to seal between door and cabinet in close conditions. This Gasket is removable and washable for better hygiene time to time. It will also serve as a barrier for bacteria and other insects entering into the compartment.

Auto Defrost Button

Godrej 3 Star Best Refrigerator

It has Auto defrost button on the top side, so you can defrost it any time. The ice will melt gradually and defrosting will finished in couple of minutes

Other Specification

Godrej 3 Star Best Refrigerator
Star Rating2 star
Installation TypeFree Standing
Defrost SystemDirect Cool
Shelf TypeGlass

5. Haier 170 L 2 Star Direct-Cool Single Door Refrigerator (HED-17TMS)

Haier is the Brand Name which is growing very faster day per day in field of home appliances

Below is the fridge from Haier, which is very compact in size and stylish in design


170L is the capacity which will best suits to small size family as well as to bachelors

Haier 2 Star Best Refrigerator

Diamond Edge Freezing Technology

Haier 2 Star Best Refrigerator

Diamond Edge Freezing Technology, ensures super fast cooling better ice formation leaving you worriless for Ice formation perfection.

Stabilizer Free Operation

Haier 2 Star Best Refrigerator

This Fridge can be operated without any Stabilizer. And its operation will never be affected by Power Fluctuations situations

Double Wired Shelves with Large Vegetable Box

Haier 2 Star Best Refrigerator

Due to Its double wired shelves design, water will not be accumulated at the shelves and it can withstand enough against heavy pot due to its flexible wire effect.

It will give you ease while cleaning means hassle free maintenance.

Haier 2 Star Best Refrigerator

It has large Size vegetable box at the bottom of the cabinet, so you not need to visit shops frequently, just shop all vegetable at one go and collect it in the vegetable box which will store and preserve it for long time

Defrost Button

Haier 2 Star Best Refrigerator

Defrost button is placed in side of the cabinet to save it from any damages and for long life of the button, you can just defrost the fridge with press of this button once operation completes, the button will take its original position automatically

PUF Insulation with Door Lock

PUF Insulation

Haier 2 Star Best Refrigerator

This Refrigerator has PUF insulation which is very good sealing agent compare to other methods, it stop the cool air to go out from the compartment in close condition, which will increase the cooling efficiency as well as it serves the purpose of barrier between cabinet and other insects and fungal.

Door Lock

Haier 2 Star Best Refrigerator

It has Door Lock function which prevents unwanted opening and closing of door by your kids resulting better cooling experience with less power consumption and ultimately save on money too

Other Specification

Haier 2 Star Best Refrigerator
Star Rating2 Star
Installation TypeFree Standing
Defrost systemDirect Cool
Shelf typeWire
Material Steel

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