Screen Magnifier

Screen Magnifier from Different Manufacturers basis on its usability, durability, out comes, which will make you convince to purchase it

Today, we all are habitual of using mobiles, but with such small screen size of mobile, its very tough to read each and every text there, also they can harm to our eyes, being constant screen contact.

Screen Magnifier Review of 6 Best Different brands.

1. KolorFish 12 Inches HD Screen Magnifier

Kolorfish Screen Magnifier
  • Screen Size – 12 Inch
  • This will make your mobile screen size almost double when you will view any picture or video through it.
  • Suitable to Any Mobile
  • It is Open from all sides, so you can place any mobile to view Picture / Video.
  • Visual Enjoyment
  • It will have reduce the level of fatigue on your eyes, as it uses HD+3D amplification optical technology.
  • Design
  • It has very simple foldable and light weight design
  • No Charging Required
  • It uses Optical Technology to enlarge the Mobile Screen, so no electricity required

2. TechKing 3D Screen HD Phone Magnifier

Techking magnifier
  • Body Material
  • It is made of High quality durable Plastic & Metal Material which will long last
  • Bluetooth
  • It Can be connected to all Bluetooth devices through S350 Head set with Standby time up to 12 Hrs and range up to 10 Meters
  • Design
  • Light, Compact and Portable Design
  • Suction Cup Technology
  • This will hold your mobile and prevent it from falling down
  • Look
  • Its surrounding frame give it an appealing look

3. MOTOTIVE Mobile Phone 3D Phone Magnifier

  • Better View
  • It can enlarge the mobile screen by 2-4 times, providing more enjoyable view experience
  • Design
  • Foldable, Portable, light weight, Hands free design make you relax while using it
  • 3D Enjoyment
  • With this Product you can enjoy 3D videos and Pictures due to its HD Zoom Optical Technology
  • Radiation Protection
  • It will keep the mobile away, which will prevent you from Radiation produced by Mobile
  • A Good fit for Family
  • It is very good product for entire family, for Newspaper Reading, Movie Watching
  • Perfect Gift
  • It will be a Good Gift for anyone, being its creativity and technology

4. Drumstone Mobile Phone Screen Magnifier

Drumstone Screen Enlarger
  • Screen Size – 8.3 Inch
  • It has medium screen size option, which will allow you to store and move it easily anywhere
  • Design
  • Its Pretty and simple design make its very attractive
  • Closed Body
  • It’s close body will not allow the dust particle to be in contact with your mobile screen
  • Curved Screen
  • You will enjoy the experience of Movie like Cinema Hall due to it’s Curved Screen
  • Gift Option
  • This may be the best gift option

5. SBA SRK / F2 – Mobile Phone 3D Phone Magnifier

  • Screen Size – 16.6 cm
  • Due to it’s Small Screen Size you can enjoy the mobile enlarged view while traveling too
  • Magnifier Bracket
  • It has provision of Bracket to put your mobile which will give you ease for loading and unloading of mobile
  • Design
  • Folding, Lightweight, Easy Carry & Simple design looks attractive and Portable
  • No Electricity Required
  • It uses HD Optical Technology to enlarge the screen, hence no charging / Electricity is needed
  • Adaptability
  • It suits to almost all Mobile phones

6. Screen Expander & Screen Magnifier Amplifier

  • Screen Size : 12 Inch
  • This is enough screen size to enlarge your mobile screen, specially for Online study.
  • Versatile
  • You can mount any size mobile at its open mobile stand.
  • Design
  • Its foldable and portable in design gives you an option for multi purpose use
  • Screen Quality
  • Its screen is made of HD Acrylic material which will provide comfort to your eyes for long hours
  • Gift Option
  • It will be a best Gift Option for your loved ones on their special days.

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