Uses of Alexa

Alexa Device is a Technology which is capable of Interaction, Music Playback, Setting Alarms, Playing Audiobooks, Providing Weather, Traffic, Sports and other real time information like News.

It can control home systems through Automation. User can also extend its capabilities by third party applications.

You can give commands to Alexa like, Call, Play Music, Weather, Sports, it will just act like a human and answer to your queries.

It can be available from Online stores and with good quality and services and yes better rates compare to market too.

Uses of Alexa Device with details featuring and functions, let see one by one.

1. Echo Dot (3rd Gen) – Smart speaker with Alexa

Echo Dot Alexa Device

Echo dot is a Smart Speaker which is operated through voice commands.

Its slim design and light weight enable you to place it in any corner of room.

It has inbuilt powerful speakers for very good music experience and one to one talk.

It can be paired with your phone through Bluetooth Option.

You can connect it with other speakers, Headphones through Bluetooth as well as 3.5mm Jack.

Enjoy millions of songs from Amazon Prime Music, Spotify, JioSaavn, Gaana, and Apple Music.

Access songs in different languages like Hindi, English, Telugu, Tamil, Punjabi, Marathi, Bengali, Bhojpuri, Kannada and many more.

You can ask Alexa for News, Sports, Trivia, whether, Alarm, Kids Rhythms, Stories etc.

It can control your home systems like AC, TV, Lights and more.

Your Echo device will come with privacy protection. From microphone off button you can delete your voice recordings, you have transparency and control over it.

2. Echo Flex– Plug-in Echo for smart home control

Echo Flex Alexa Device

With this Device you can charge your phones while listening to Music or operating it with any command.

It Can be connected to your phone and other devices through Bluetooth.

This device is designed in such a way that, you can plug it in your electrical socket and get be worriless from the falling it down from any height and get damages.

Make hands-free calls, access instant information and add items to your shopping list.

Manage compatible smart home devices using your voice.

Switch on the lights as you enter your home or turn off the AC as you leave the room, all without lifting a finger. 

Echo Flex works with devices such as smart lights and plugs from brands including Philips, SYSKA LED, Oakter, TP-Link and more.

Use Announcements to send voice messages to every room with a supported Echo device, or use Drop In as a two-way intercom between rooms.

Its Skills can help you stay updated with the latest news, request a ride from Ola, listen to All India Radio and more

LED Light will provide indication while charging.

3. Echo Show 8 – Smart display with Alexa – 8″ HD screen with stereo sound

Echo Show

Make video calls to friends and family who have Skype, other Echo devices with screen, or the Alexa app.

You can also make voice calls, send messages, or instantly connect to other Echo devices in your home.

With this Alexa device you can see all actions on screen, like Music Play or Call or messages and many more.

You can use it like a little TV Screen too and enjoy Video songs and Channels too.

Use your voice to cook along with step by step recipes, set timers, add items to lists, and create calendar events.

You can also check the news, weather, or traffic.

Ask for sports scores, movie showtimes, restaurant hours, or information.

Sing along to the lyrics of your favourite songs.

Enjoy music and videos directly from Amazon Prime Music, Apple Music, JioSaavn, Gaana or Hungama Music.

From the mic off button and built-in shutter you can delete your voice recordings.

With Built in Camera you can click pictures too.

Connect your smart phones and other devices through Bluetooth

4. Echo Input Portable Smart Speaker Edition

Echo Input Alexa Device

This device comes with Fabric design and you can carry it along with from one room to another room.

It has inbuilt 4800 mAh rechargeable battery which can give you play back time up to 10 Hrs.

Battery level can be know by tapping the power button and LED will show the Battery charging status.

It will work with Smart Compatible home devices from  Philips, Wipro, Syska, TP-Link and more.

Designed to protect your privacy – Built with privacy protections and controls, through microphone off button that will disconnects the microphone.

With thousands of skills, Alexa Device can book a cab, order food, play games, and more.

In order to ensure that your battery lasts longer, keep the device plugged in when you don’t need to carry it. You can also extend the battery life by turning on the “Battery Saver Mode”, by pressing the power and volume+ button together for 5 seconds (you’ll know that the mode is activated when you hear “Battery saver Mode ON”). This mode optimizes battery consumption and automatically turns off your device when its unplugged and not used for up to 180 mins. If you don’t need this mode, turn it off by pressing the power and volume- button together for 5 seconds (you will hear “Battery saver mode off”)

To speak to Alexa in Hindi, just ask, “Alexa, speak in English and Hindi.”

Connect your smart phones and other devices through Bluetooth.

5. Echo Dot (4th Gen) | Next generation smart speaker with improved bass and Alexa Device

Echo Dot 4th Generation

Its Mesh Design with Earth Shape Body gives it a premium and rich look.

Enjoy songs in Hindi, English, Telugu, Tamil, Punjabi, Marathi, Bengali, Bhojpuri, Kannada and more.

Just ask Alexa for music, news, trivia, scores, weather, alarms, kids’ rhymes and stories. Alexa is always ready to help in both English & Hindi.

With 4 microphones, Alexa can hear your request from any corner of the room.

Comes with a microphone off button that will disconnects the microphones whenever you required.

Use Echo Dot Alexa Device to switch on the AC from the bed or dim the lights completely hands-free. Or, set schedules to turn on the Geyser every morning at 7AM.

Set timers, ask questions, add items to lists, and create calendar events and reminders.

You can also pay your utility bills – electricity, mobile phone, gas, internet and more – using Alexa. Just ask, “Alexa, pay my bills.”

To reduce its energy consumption, this device will enter Low Power mode when it is idle.

Connect your smart phones and other devices through Bluetooth.

6. Echo Auto – Alexa Device for Car

Echo Auto

Designed Specially for in-car usage – With 8 microphones and far-field technology, Echo Auto can hear you over music, A/C, and road noise.

Echo Auto can be connected to your car’s 12V charging socket or USB port and connects to your stereo system through a 3.5 mm auxiliary cable or Bluetooth connection.

Use your voice to play music, make calls, add to your to do-list, check the news, and more.

Turn your phone into a driver-friendly display that supports your Echo Auto. See what’s playing and save time with easy-touch shortcuts to your favourite places, people, and content.

Voice control Echo Auto through the Alexa app to access from Amazon Prime Music, Apple Music, JioSaavn, and Gaana – just ask for a song or artist.

You can press the microphone off button and that will disconnect the microphones whenever you need.

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