Talking Clock

Talking Clock with Different Functions and Features making your life easy.


We all lives in daily and time bound life, and where we forget so many things frequently.

Here, we need one additional Mind which can remember all things on behalf of our Brain.

Moreover, if it can talk too or inform us in form of verbal notification, that will be much more better.

Talking Clock will do the exactly same things here.

We are going to suggest you some best products here, which will Make your life Easy & convert your purchase in Value.


1. Lazy Kitten Digital Alarm & Talking Clock

Lazzy Kitten Talking Clock
Lazzy Kitten Talking Clock
  • Functions
  • Time & Date  – It will display the Date & Time with different formats
  • Temperature – You can notice the room temperature with this function
  • Ringtones – It has multiple ringtones to Set Alarm
  • Settings – With is you can easily set alarms, time and date
  • Convenience
  • Large Fonts – With Large display fonts, you can read details easily
  •  Low Light Sensor Make Display Light, provides convenience of Reading
  • Operations
  • Alarm – 3 Different Alarm will make you more perfect for time management
  • Hourly Chimes –  will notify you every hour like pendulum clock
  • Talking Button – When you touch button on Top, it will say the time to you

2. GPCT Projection Alarm Clock


Its Time Projection function make this clock different from others

When you enable it, you can see the time flashing on your walls or ceilings, which will facilitate you to see time without moving from bed

The projection head can be rotated front and back up to 90°

  • Snooze Time – With this Product you will get snooze time of 10 minutes, means more rest in morning
  • Temperature Display – You can check temperature along with Time
  • Voice Broadcast – You can have update of every hour with Voice Notification

3. Svinz 3 Alarms Clock SDC008W

Svinz Alarm Clock
Svinz Alarm Clock
Svinz Alarm Clock
  • Caring Clock – This one is the best to take care of your Parents or Seniors because of its Clear Visibility
  • Display – With 8 Inch HD Display, you can see every digit very clear from distance too
  •  Font Sizes – You can see Day & time on with big font size which is the main priority of everyone
  • Categorised – The day is also categorised in periods of time, so you will have quick information on stage of day
  •  Display Colour – With its White / Yellow display color option, you can change the display as per your wish and conditions
  • 3 Alarms – with this function, you can easily get reminded for your meals or Medicine schedules
  • Auto Dimming – This Option will Save the Battery Power as display gets dimmed in night, but you can disable it if you are struggling with your vision
  • Auto Reset – It will reset again with Real time & dates, once its been again repowered in case you make it switched off
  • Design – It is light in weight and you can place it on flat surface with its stand
  • Look –  Its very simple and unique design, makes its look very attractive
  • Perfect Gift – It will be best Gifting Option to your Parents, Seniors and relatives 

4. Nubilous Digital LED Alarm Clock

  • Design
  • Portable clock which you can use at Home, office, School, on top of any flat surface
  • Its Mirror Design make its very attractive
  • This Clock operates silently so no disturbance of tick tick Voice in night
  • Large Display will ease you to read the time
  • Function
  • It has snooze time from 0 to 60 Minutes, which will make you desired level of rest
  • LED Light display can be set in 12 hrs and 24 Hrs format
  • With Night Mode, the light will automatically adjust the brightness of display
  • Gift Option
  • Due to very light in weight and compact in Size, it can be gifted to you dear and near ones
  • The best feature of this Clock is when you disable the display it will serve you as a Mirror, ultimately no need to have separate mirror

5. RYLAN Digital Smart Alarm Clock

  • Design
  • It has durable Plastic Body which will ensure durability in rough use conditions
  • With Large LCD Display, you can view the time and other parameters easily
  • Function
  • Control the Alarm with just one press of the button provided on the Top Side
  • Alarm has increasing volume feature so you don’t get sudden wake up from deep sleep
  • It is best suitable for Aged ones, who can not afford the sudden wake up in morning
  • With its Smart Light Function, it can adjust the brightness of the display as per surrounding lights

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